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Expedition Old growth

Exploring the old growth forests of the Pacific North West in a way you've never seen them. It's an unknown world up there and Expedition Old Growth will get you up there in an exciting, safe and non invasive way. 

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brent Seal

Brent Seal is remarkable and inspiring individual. He explains how he is not only able to live with Schizophrenia but also how he is able to overcome his struggles and inspire others that are dealing with mental health issues. For more information about Brent checkout

mark sky

Mark went through a tough time battling with depression and drinking seven days a week after his girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer. His life was spiralling out of control and he knew he had to make a change.

He has since become a plant based nutritionist and is now training to become a professional adventure athlete. He is truly a remarkable human and hopes to educate and inspire you in becoming the best version of yourself. 

Oregon in 4k

I had some time off so I went for a 2000 mile drive through the state of Oregon. My goal was to check out some of the hot spots and make an adventure film. This is my first attempt at shooting an entire 4k video. I definitely learned a lot and will definitely be making more of these. Enjoy!

Locations: Smith Rocks, Bandon, Mt Hood, Lost Lake, The Gorge, Canon Beach, Peter Iredale

Filmed with: Phantom 4, GH4 , Glidecam 

Edit: Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve

axes and ales

I teamed up with Red Truck Brewing and former CFL star Shea Emry to shoot a short promo video for Shea's organization Wellmen. They will be setting up shop in the parking lot of Red Truck brewing every Sunday for Axes and Ales. Like come on, what can go wrong with throwing axes and drinking beer. For more information about Wellmen checkout

A beautiful fall day in Squamish BC Canada. All shoot with a DJI Phantom 4